Friday, June 29, 2012

New: Unisex Tattoo!

New unisex tattoo! "Tribal Heart Tattoo" represents someone who is strong willed and fierce! A tribal design in the shape of a heart with red and black coloring throughout the tattoo. Chest and back options as well as tattoo and undershirt layers available.

GROUP MEMBERS ONLY: Come and pick this up today for only 25L! WhooHoo!
Right click on the picture >> Gift (from pie menu) >> Group Gift >> Group Disc.
It will then prompt you to pay the discounted price!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Group Gift!

We're doing the Group Gift a little different this time around! 1 male & 1 female FREE tattoo in-store for group members only!

Both on 2nd floor in the tattoo section. Wear group tag. RIght-click on the picture & choose "Gift" in the pie menu. Then "Group Gift" >> "Get Gift" from the blue drop down menu.

Come get yours! Just look for the blue "group gift" tag on the selected items. As always, thank you for being a part of the group!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Thanks! ♥

Thanks for stopping by! If you're reading this then that makes you about 97.6% cooler! And if you happen to be a {:ThirteenTH:} group member then you're automatically 100% more awesome-err!

From 6/15/12 until 6/20/12 if you're a {:ThirtenTH:} group member and can tell me 2 things both can be found on the blog:

  • The name of the sim where the {:ThirteenTH:} mainstore is located 
  • Inspiration for the name {:ThirteenTH:}

Contact me by notecard and you'll get a little gifty from me just for stopping by to check out the blog & being a part of the group!

Tell your friends and your friends, friends and your auntie and your loud mouth cousin and her baby daddy!
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♥ Prin ♥

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Update & Newness!

Hey folks! The blog is back active! Check out the events that {:ThirteenTH:} is and will be participating in on the Events tab. 

Ladies, check out this new release! 

New 'Fallen Petal Outfit' little pretty and a little rugged. The perfect combination! Cute cami (spaghetti strap) tank with a laced up back, torn leggings with a flower pattern and a ripped denim skirt over it. 

Comes in 4 different colors. ONLY $99L limited time!

All colors available in-world, selected few on Marketplace here and here.