Tuesday, August 2, 2011

KisS MeH

What girl doesn't like a kissable pout? What's even better is one that sends a message! Here's why I love these:
  • They are glossy, making your lips look fuller
  • They come in 3 different bright colors
  • They come with a "peeking teeth" version
  • They are lighter in the center and gradually get darker around the edges creating that illusion of a sexier pout.
  • Only $99L!!!! OMFG!
Try the demo first here!
Buy the 6 pack here!

What is your favorite go-to lipstick, or lip gloss color for your avi?

Friday, July 22, 2011

NEW TGA Templates "My Lil' Halter"

Top: {:ThirteenTH:} My Lil' Halter TGA Template Halter Top FULL PERM 
Hair: Hair Center in (not sure if they are still around!)
Necklace: Yummy! Best Friends Trinket (thanks to my bestie for this!)
Bottoms:  =Razorblade= Cut offs

What I love about this lil top is that it can be very versatile. Since it is also available as a download, you can add your own text and images to it, or keep them as they are and recolor if you like (in appearance mode). It comes in 3 different FULL PERM styles, regular halter, diamond halter, and torn halter!

Never thought you could sell clothing? Don't be silly! It's simple with already made templates like this one! This is available now at a special promo price only at the {:ThirteenTH:} Store on the Marketplace.